Devialet Mania portable Bluetooth-speaker


No secret Devialet likes round shapes. Their new portable Bluetooth speakers show this love very clearly.

Round shapes are not only nice to look at, but also offer practical advantages. Like in the case of the Devialet Mania 360-degree surround sound. The “musical spheres” feature a battery that guarantees ten hours of playing time when fully charged. IPX4 means you can take them outside without problems. The maximum power output is 176 watts, enough to add lustre to any garden party. Two push-push bass drivers take care of the low frequencies while the rest is handled by four fullrange aluminum drivers. The frequency range lies between 30 Hz and 20 kHz.

Automatic adjustment to the listening environment

Another nice detail is that, thanks to four microphones and Active Stereo Calibration (ACS), the sound can be automatically adjusted to the listening environment. You control the speakers via an app, whereby the Mania runs on the same operating system as ‘big brothers (sisters)’ Devialet Phantom and Dione. Charging is done via USB-C or an included charging tray. Besides Bluetooth, Airplay 2 is also supported via WiFi, while Spotify Connect is also available. The standard version costs €790; a special ‘Mania Opéra de Paris’ version is also available for €990.

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