MQA announces hi-res headphone codec


MQA has announced their new hi-res codec MQair, designed specifically designed for use with headphones.

MQA has been working in deep silence on MQair, also known by its technical name SCL6. Specifically intended for use as a codec in conjunction with Bluetooth headphones, the manufacturer promises hi-res sound quality. Meanwhile, the Japan Audio Society (JAS) certification has also been obtained, which means that the corresponding logo may be used on headphones and so on. Low latency and high efficiency should result in longer playing time on batteries. A special feature is that the encoded data rate can be flexibly changed. From 20 Mbps hi-res to 200 kbps down. And that should have no noticeable effect on sound quality, according to MQA. Of course, the degree of success depends mainly on adoption by manufacturers. So wait and see if that will happen, as there are now quite a few codecs in various versions in use.

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