Noir et Blanc audio show Brussels

This weekend there will be another great show in the European capital: Brussels. The show christened after its organizer – Noir et Blanc – is from November 5 to 6, 2022. You are welcome from 10:00 to 18:00 to have a nice walk around the rooms of the BluePoint conference center. At the fair you will not only find beautiful audio equipment; there will also be interesting talks. So reason enough to pay a visit! Now we could start listing the complete list of participants, but that would not make much sense: you can browse the complete catalog below. We can guarantee you that there is an interesting amount of brands present. Also interesting to mention, is that there will be some instructive talks by, for example: Jan Douwe Kroeske, Mike Picanza, Mike Engström, colleague Hans Beekhuyzen and yours truly.

Colleague Hans Beekhuyzen – find his Youtube channel here – is going to talk about the digital chain. And then touching on streaming audio which he has also been working on for a long time. He will mainly talk about how digital audio works, what influences playback quality and of course he will answer questions from the audience.

Your author will discuss the influence of a network on playback. How is it possible that switching a switch has an audible influence? How is it possible that in certain cases changing a cable, or playing through an optical connection makes a sound difference? Again, there will be time to answer questions from the audience.

Brussels is a French-speaking area, however both Hans Beekhuyzen and yours truly are not fluent in French to the extent that we will give the presentation in French. Therefore, the presentations will be in English.

The complete catalog

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