PS Audio is working on DirectStream MK2

PS Audio

Paul McGowan of PS Audio reveals the manufacturer is working on a new and special version of the DirectStream DAC.

What makes the original DirectStream DAC unique is the ability to reprogram the FPGA via a ‘mountaintop’ update. In essence, this creates a completely new DAC with different features and sound. Many users, according to McGowan, wanted the option of being able to listen to those differences side by side. In order to make a balanced choice. The memory capacity of the DirectStream DAC madethat technically impossible.

Ten ‘mountaintop’ updates at once

Meanwhile, beta testing of the intended PS Audio DirectStream DAC MK2 has begun. This new version has extra memory on board, making it possible to load as many as ten ‘mountaintop’ versions and easily switch between them. Then choose a version you think sounds best, by type of music or anything else. And all that without the hassle of SD cards or USB sticks.

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