Silent Angel Bonn NX switch

Silent Angel

The new Silent Angel Bonn NX network switch is designed to “separate” regular network traffic from audio network traffic.

Audiophiles who go to extremes also tackle network components in their home. For that purpose, for example, the brand new Silent Angel Bonn NX Gigabit switch can come in handy. The idea, according to the manufacturer, is that noise is avoided, data packets are transmitted very precisely timed and a reduction of interference with bandwidth-intensive data traffic such as coming from, say, PCs in the home. The switch built in a two-layer enclosure features gold-plated Ethernet ports. A TCXO clock signal of 25 Mhz has also been implemented, while an external clock input is available too. The Silent Angel Bonn NX isn’t exactly cheap, so see it as the final touch to a top notch high-end setting: $3499.

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