Teufel presents REAL BLUE TWS 2-series in-ears


Teufel has released the all new REAL BLUE TWS 2 series of in-ears, including ANC as well as an attractive price tag.

‘The REAL BLUE TWS 2 series wireless earbuds combine optimal wearing comfort, long battery life and powerful sound with smart touch controls and pinpoint noise reduction based on active noise cancellation (ANC). Users can enter transparency mode with a simple touch of a button to hear all ambient noise clearly, without the need to take off the earbuds. This combined with a battery operating time of eight hours or more than 24 hours after charging in the included charging case makes the REAL BLUE TWS 2 a true all-rounder’, Teufel writes in the announcement.

Facts at a glance:

  • Wireless earbuds with digital hybrid active noise cancellation for efficient noise reduction
  • Users can activate transparency mode at the touch of a button to hear ambient noise clearly without removing the earbuds
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC for streaming CD-quality music from the likes of Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and Apple Music
  • Lip-synchronized video sound
  • Linear HD drivers with large 12 mm diaphragms for extra-wide frequency range, accurate treble reproduction, warm mids and powerful bass to 10 Hz
  • With charging case over 25 hours of music without ANC, over 18 hours with ANC, up to 8 hours of music on one charge without ANC, over 6 hours with ANC
  • Smart touch controls on earcup for volume, ANC, transparency mode, taking calls and calling voice assistant
  • Splashproof to IPX3, withstands light rain and sweat while working out
  • Hands-free function for wireless calling via Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom, among others
  • Voice control via Google or Siri with optimum speech intelligibility
  • Compatible with the Teufel Headphones app for additional audio features and setting options, battery level display in iOS and Android and on the charging case
  • Automatic pairing when opening the charging case
  • Specially shaped mushroom-shaped ear tips in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) made of antibacterial silicone for a close, comfortable fit
  • Available immediately in Night Black and Pure White colors for €149.99 at www.teufelaudio.nl.

Enjoying undisturbed peace and quiet

According to the manufacturer, the active noise cancellation in the REAL BLUE TWS 2 provides ‘paradisiacal tranquility at the touch of a button. Two microphones per earpiece accurately filter ambient noise. Using this information, the REAL BLUE TWS 2 generates a corresponding compensating sound in real time. This reduces the loud, unnerving tapping of office colleagues’ keyboards to a soft whisper. The same applies to the monotonous droning engines of buses, trains and airplanes. In this way, the REAL BLUE TWS 2’s natural and powerful sound is optimized. Users can also enable this function to simply enjoy beneficial quietness’.

Full transparency at the touch of a button

In transparency mode, the noise reduction function is reversed, so to speak. Ambient noise is transmitted to the ear, so that announcements at the airport or in the train station, for example, can be clearly understood. ‘So well, in fact, that it seems as if there are no silicone earplugs in the ear canal’, Teufel says.

Everything under control

Users can use touch-sensitive sensors on the earbuds to control playback (play/pause/previous or next track) and volume, take phone calls, activate ANC and transparency mode, and call a voice assistant. The free Teufel Headphones app for iOS and Android provides access to an equalizer and additional settings.

A perfect fit

With in-ears, fit plays a doubly important role. First, it ensures that the earbuds sit firmly yet comfortably in the ear. Second, the fit is an integral part of the sound concept. Teufel: ‘The dynamics and power of the REAL BLUE TWS 2 only come into their own when the ear canal is properly sealed by the earplugs. It is therefore very worth trying out different sizes of ear tips, as well as different sizes for each ear. The REAL BLUE TWS 2 comes with five pairs of eartips made of super-soft antibacterial silicone in sizes XS through XL’.


When the batteries in the earbuds are fully charged, they offer about six hours of playing time when the noise-canceling feature is activated. They can then be recharged in the charging case. Without ANC, the playing time is eight hours. The charging case can fully charge the in-ears twice. This leads to a total playing time of more than 18 hours and even 24 hours without ANC. If the earbuds’ batteries run low, they can collect enough power for an additional two hours of operating time in just 20 minutes. A full charge cycle via the USB-C cable takes 120 minutes. The charging level of the charging case is indicated by three LEDs on the front.

Price and availability

The REAL BLUE TWS 2 is available immediately for €149.99 through the manufacturer’s website, in the colors Pure White and Night Black. In addition to five pairs of ear tips, a USB-A-to-USB-C charging cable is included. As with all Teufel in-ear headphones, a charging case and left and right earbuds will soon be available separately as replacement parts.

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