Apple iPad’s with OLED screen at the horizon?


Rumors have been buzzing for a while now regarding Apple iPads with OLED screens. These should appear – according to a new rumor – in 2024.

In this post from What Hifi, we read that there is a good chance that an iPad Pro with an OLED screen will be released by Apple in 2024. Whether that will actually happen? As always, star gazing. Apple currently uses a mini-LED display in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is also fine. The big question is how an OLED screen will turn out on a device that is often used for much longer periods of time than a phone. Burn-in of OLED screens is still an issue, for which numerous techniques are employed to prevent it. Such a screen in a smartphone presents little to no problems these days, but of course that screen is also on for a much shorter time than the screen of a tablet or laptop. On the other hand, that forces people to perhaps buy a new iPad a little more often.

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