Aune Flamingo BD, Bluetooth with tubes


Aune offers their new Flamingo BD Bluetooth receiver for you, with tubes in the output stage.

The Aune Flamingo BD Bluetooth receiver is another typical product where old and new go hand in hand. The device is ideal for adding wireless capability to an older and (or) Bluetooth-less hi-fi system. A nice detail is that the sound can also run through a tube output stage if desired, which should provide a characteristic sound. As for Bluetooth – in this case version 5.1 – the codecs apt-X HD and LDAC are supported, which offer a maximum quality of 96 kHz / 24 bit. The output signal can be routed digitally via an optical or coaxial S/PDIF output to a proprietary DAC (whether or not integrated into a (pre)amplifier).

DAC and tube

Or make use of the proprietary DAC present in the Aune Flamingo BD, based on an ESS Sabre ES9318. In that case, the analog signal is sent into the outside world via an ECC-82 tube. Most charming detal is the price, which is only €189. At the time of writing there is even a promotion running where you get a tenner discount.

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