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Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio is celebrating and the Platinum 3G released to mark the occasion are a perfect fit, under the motto “objects of desire”.

Monitor Audio has been around for 50 years and the first Platinum Series was introduced 15 years ago. Monitor Audio is now very fittingly celebrating this double anniversary with the introduction of the Platinum Series 3G loudspeakers. According to the manufacturer, this 3G Series ‘builds on the outstanding technology of the previous one and, in addition, uses technological innovations from the particularly unique latest, yet-to-be-introduced, flagship loudspeaker, the ‘Hyphn’ (was Concept 50). Such as the new MPD III* band high unit and the RDT III* low/mid unit. Together with an improved enclosure and a new crossover design, this ensures razor-sharp audio positioning, crystal-clear highs, super-tight and very deep lows, high power handling and unprecedented low distortion. The Platinum Series 3G thus once again sets the highest standard for outstanding sound and eye-catching design.
The Platinum 100 3G compact 2-way loudspeaker with 150 mm low/mid unit is distinguished by its wide stereo image and the “depth” of reproduction from its very small enclosure’.

Take your pick

The manufacturer’s announcement continues: ‘The Platinum 200 3G slim and compact floorstanding 3-way loudspeaker with two 150 mm bass drivers has a 100 mm RDT III* center unit for optimal definition of the center. The Platinum 300 3G floorstanding 3-way loudspeaker with two 200 mm bass units for maximum ‘deep’ low and equipped with the RDT III* low/mid unit is the absolute top-of-the-line model. The Platinum C250 3G center speaker with two 150 mm bass units has a newly developed 75 mm RDTIII* center unit’.

The Monitor Audio Platinum Series 3G will be available from January in piano gloss ebony, piano gloss black and satin white. Retail prices are: (per pair) Platinum 100 3G €5500, Platinum 200 3G €11000, Platinum 300 3G €14000 and (per piece) Platinum C250 3G €4750.


According to Monitor Audio, the Platinum C250 3G center speaker is ‘designed to replace the ‘old’ C150 2G and C350 2G. It is almost as compact as the ‘old’ C150, but exceeds the performance of the C350. Thus, the same center speaker can be used in all Platinum 3G home theater systems.
The unique MPD III band lobe unit operates on the Air Motion Transformer principle that has been significantly improved by Monitor Audio. The square model of the high unit plus the “waveguide” in front of it guarantee extremely even, razor-sharp reproduction over the entire wide radiating area.
The low and mid drivers use the new super-light RDT III cone constructed from different materials. The special concave cone shape with DCM* provides additional stability and minimizes the occurrence of internal resonances in the cone (“cone break-up”). The result is fast and undistorted reproduction of both the softest and loudest signal peaks.
The low and midrange units also feature a completely new ‘motor’ design including larger linear travel of the voice coil, more powerful magnets, a Dynamic Coupling Filter and optimized cooling’.

Newly designed enclosure and more

We read further: ‘The speaker units are mounted into the, newly designed, front panel with a heavy Torx tension bolt through the rear panel. This prevents the transmission of vibrations and the occurrence of unwanted resonances.
Together with the HiVe II* reflex ports, this provides yet another higher load capacity and unprecedented low distortion.
The enclosure has been totally redesigned: with the latest acoustic technologies on the inside and the finest finish on the outside. Constructed of multiple layers of glued wood (up to 21 mm thick) with a front panel of 36 mm thick solid wood. Finally, the 16 layers of transparent and deep gloss piano lacquer provide an unprecedented luxurious appearance.
The floor-standing enclosure stands on a steel frame with four alloy “spike” feet. Thanks to the new design, each foot can be easily and precisely adjusted to any floor surface with a simple Allen key from the top without fuss’.


For ease of reference (and peace of mind, probably), here are some terms used:

  • MPD III (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) The ribbon tweeter has an 8x larger surface area than a regular C-CAM high unit, superior transient reproduction beyond 60 kHz, very low distortion and a very wide reproduction image.
  • C-CAM (Ceramic Coated Aluminum Magnesium) was originally developed for jet engine turbine blades: a very light and very stiff material.
  • RDT III (Rigid Diaphragm Technology) is a cone constructed from a thin honeycomb of Nomex, sealed at the front by a 40 ?m thin (only half as thick as a hair…) layer of C-CAM and at the rear by two layers of very thin woven carbon fiber. The combination of these materials provide some 8 dB lower distortion compared to the “old” RDT II cone.
  • DCM (Damped Concentric Mode) The geometry of the area where the cone overlaps the suspension has been redesigned. This greatly suppresses the effect of the most annoying 1st resonance. This results in a “faster” playback response and substantially (up to 12 dB) lower distortion.
  • The HiVe II (High Velocity) bass reflex port has a patented spiral pattern of longitudinal grooves (just like in a cannon barrel). This allows the air to flow in and out more quickly, which in turn produces a “faster” bass response.

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