Nuprime LPS-205 power supply


Nuprime has released a power supply with type number LPS-205, a linear constructed one.

Nuprime is built on the remains of the California company NuForce, with the actual assembly taking place partly in the US and partly in Asia. The LPS-205 linear power supply, balanced and all. Obviously intended to replace the standard switching adapters you buy for next to nothing at the Chinese discount stores, with the goal of reducing noise and other interference. Power is supplied via USB connectors. One supplies 5 volts at a maximum power of 1 A and the other 5 volts at a maximum of 2 A. Thanks to these USB connections, it is very easy to switch from the supplied switching USB power supply of a device to this Nuprime LPS-205. The familiar round power outputs are also available, making it all quite universal. The price of the LPS-205 is significantly higher than that of the el cheapo ones though: €475.

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