Older Philips TVs get upgrade to Android 11


Older televisions released in the 2019s and 2020s will be upgraded to Android 11, after doing so you’ll be a lot more up-to-date.

The Philips sets from the years mentioned above all came out with Android TV 9. Since no upgrades for these TVs have been released in the intervening years, Philips is immediately jumping to Android 11 now. Still not the most recent version of Google’s operating system, but already a lot fresher. Not unimportant from a security and privacy standpoint if you use the “smart” part of your smart TV on a regular basis. If you have a Philips TV that falls in the aforementioned time period, check quickly to see if the firmware update is available already. Would be nice if all manufacturers didn’t write off their TVs in terms of updates after only a good year or so!

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