OLED becomes OLED EX, for everyone


If you buy an OLED TV now, chances are that it incorporates an OLED EX panel, with 30% higher brightness.

LG manufactures OLED panels for a wide range of television brands, including, for example, Sony, Panasonic and, of course, its own TVs. The factory recently switched completely and permanently to producing OLED EX panels. Which means that every TV now released on the market (and equipped with an LG panel) comes with the EX version. That means a 30% increase in brightness over regular OLED panels. Under the hood, deuterium (popularly known as heavy hydrogen) is employed, among other things, as well as “personalized algorithms” that, according to the manufacturer, improve stability and efficiency of the OLED. And that, in turn, should lead to better picture quality down the line.

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