USB-C mandatory from Dec. 28, 2024


The EU has demanded a deadline on the mandatory introduction of USB-C on all portable devices including smartphones: 28-12-2024.

It looks like the introduction of mandatory USB-C on all kinds of devices is going to be messy. The EU has already pushed back the deadline for mandatory use of the connector somewhat to Dec. 28, 2024. But: worldwide, the obligation to switch to USB-C does not apply. Thus, it remains to be seen what Apple will do with its homegrown Lightning connector. England, for example, is probably not going to follow EU regulations. Brexit, you know. But that in turn creates a special situation for Northern Ireland, which although “British” does have to follow EU regulations. Would the EU push the deadline even further, or apply the regulations flexibly? If that happens – especially the latter scenario – you might consider the idea a failure.

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