XGIMI with new technology and product at CES 2023


XGIMI – which makes projectors and laser televisions – will be at CES 2023 with brand new technology and a new product.

The leading US consumer electronics trade show CES is about to blast off again. The event will be held this time between Jan. 5 and 8. You will find XGIMI, among others, presenting brand new technology and an equally brand new product. First, a “new and unique ISA (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) 2.0 technology by means of the new MoGO 2 Pro, among other award-winning products. The new ISA technology makes the projectors even more user-friendly, and XGIMI will demonstrate the MoGo 2 Pro at CES 2023. This will be the first time XGIMI will showcase the latest addition to the MoGo series worldwide,**” reads the press release.

A portable projector designed to perform

‘The MoGo 2 Pro is the first projector is this price category that is not only easy to use, but also performs very well, clearly distinguishing itself in its class,’ the manufacturer reveals.

User-friendly: ISA 2.0 – Intelligent Screen Adaptation

Some explanation is obviously in order here according to XGMI: ‘Traditional projectors have to be readjusted at each new location but XGIMI applies ISA technology where this is not necessary. In addition to the familiar features of ISA – the Intelligent Screen Alignment and Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance – the MoGo 2 Pro gets three brand new features. These are Seamless Auto Keystone Correction, Seamless Auto Focus and Intelligent Eye Protection. All of these innovations are part of the ISA 2.0, which is achieved with a specially developed 3D Time of Flight (ToF) module that creates sharp images in no time’.

Fully automatic and invisible set-up

Practical in all this is, that most of the functions are performed without interrupting the projection while – still according to the manufacturer – being faster and, above all, more accurate: ‘The process is almost unnoticed as there is no setup or other waiting time’.

Cinematic image quality

Although this projector will be priced nice, the MoGo 2 Pro delivers cinematic quality. The projection size can stretch to 200 inches with an absolutely impressive brightness of more than 350 ISO lumens, making every detail of a movie visible. This is supported by 1080p Full HD resolution and HDR 10 support. Weighing less than a kilo and less than 17 inches tall, the MoGo 2 Pro not only fits in any room, but can also be used easily and flexibly in various other places. The color is mocha gold with sandstone texture’.

German Design Award: sleek minimalist design

The MoGo 2 Pro has already won awards, we read on: ‘The German Design Award appreciates the flexible yet stylish design and therefore awarded the MoGo 2 Pro with the Excellent Product Design for entertainment. “The smart XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro 1080p projector turns rooms into cinemas. It combines a convenient, compact size with a bright, modern, high-quality design and focus on performance,” the judges’ said.

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