Amazon Music raises prices in US and UK

Amazon Music

Slowly, streaming is getting more expensive. By now, most streamers have passed the “magic” limit of a tenner a month; Amazon is following the trend.

Starting next month, Amazon Music users will pay $1 (£1) more for their subscription. In doing so, Amazon seems to want to keep pace with Apple Music, who already implemented a price increase last year. That leaves only Tidal and Spotify when it comes to subscriptions under that “magic tenner” per month. Since all the other streamers raised their prices before, these two will undoubtedly follow suit. When remains to be seen. The economic malaise is the cause of the misery. Spotify has already announced it will start layoffs this very week. Also noteworthy is that the lossless streams once announced with much fanfare are still not available there. And probably never will be.

Buying separate albums and tracks

Is it perhaps time to invest (again) in the purchase of hi-res albums and tracks, as possible via HDTracks? More expensive, but you buy something that you (we assume) really like and will always remain yours.

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