January 29, 2023 – 10:30 CET – Live Stream Review – Three times Class D! Hypex, Purifi, ICEpower

YES!!! The first live stream of this year! And we are going to make another great one! This time: 3 x NEXT GEN class D. The latest Hypex Nilai, the latest generation Purifi Eigentakt and a nice ICEpower class D amplifier. These are three power amplifiers that you can also make your own. In short: these are not to be missed!

Class D has rapidly become very mature. Where UCD still had some frayed edges, nCore was already quite a bit nicer. And Purifi Eigentakt and now its competitor: Hypex Nilai? Well… we are going to put them side by side, along with a less used one: the Danish ICEpower. In short: this will be a particularly interesting livestream to determine the position of Class D for once.

Check out the Livestream – January 29 – 10:30 a.m


  1. Thank you very much!!!

    Nilai 500 is the best without any doubt.

    I wrote my impressions at ASR forum:


    Nilai vs Purifi (different volum, you need to adjust)

    First track

    Nilai: More detail, spatious. More neutral. Sweat. Smooth. More musical, credible…
    Purifi: Voice predominant, more congestionated (vs Nilai). More bass, too much. Trebble more annoying.

    If you do not have the Purifi, the choice is clear to me <- Trebble more annoying.

    Second track (piano)

    Nilai: I take my hat off! Wowww.
    Purifi: Nope, much worse. Congested. I do not like!!!

    Third track – agggggh, bad music :facepalm:

    Nilai: Much better than Purifi. Same impression as with the first.
    Purifi: Voice predominant, more congestionated (vs Nilai). More bass, too much. Without problem with trebble. Too much bassss.

    In short: Nilai, among other improvements, has corrected the usual weakness of Class D amplification with high frequencies (real instruments, acoustic or electric).

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