JBL Classic series in Limited High Gloss Black Edition


JBL now produces the 4 models in the Classic family in a limited High Gloss Black Edition too, for anyone who likes things a little less classic.

‘At JBL, they do love a party. With professional ‘carrots’, dynamics is one of JBL’s biggest spearheads. The JBL Classic series, of which the L100 with its iconic orange foam front is probably the most memorable, adds a huge load of fun. And although those speakers have nothing to do with the color of the front, this reincarnation of the legendary L100 from the 1970s is loved and praised. Coveted by style and music lovers who like to see and hear things a little differently. Some call it retro, we just call it super cool speakers,” reports Dutch importer Reference Sounds.

The Classic series now has 3 models. The L100 where it all started, the more compact L82 and the small L52. All with walnut cabinets and a choice of Quadrex Foam front in orange, blue or black. A cross between the L100 and the Paragon of yore, JBL’s L75MS Music System is a great solution where those Classic looks are packed into an active stereo speaker as a complete music system. ‘Yet we also understand that this classic walnut look is not for everyone. That’s why JBL is now bringing the 4 models from this Classic family in a limited High Gloss Black Edition,” we read further in the announcement.

The Knight Rider

Reference Sounds: ‘Just like KITT from the legendary American television series of the 1980s, this Black Edition is as black as night, with a beautiful gloss and some sneaky extras. For example, the loudspeaker magicians from Northridge have provided the L100 with a few technical updates that further strengthen the cabinet, refine the crossover and make the woofer even more powerful. So along with a more luxurious bi-wire connection terminal, black Quadrex foam front and gold accents in the JBL logo and around the tone control, the L100 Black Edition is not just a cosmetic metamorphosis. This Black Beauty sounds just a bit more subtle in the mids and highs, sets an even freer scene and hurls the low into your room with even more depth and control’.

The importer continues: ‘The L82 is also tickled at crucial points for just a little extra performance. Minor adjustments to the drivers, high-quality bi-wire connection terminals and better components in the crossover, just like in the L100. Improvements that translate into a sound where it’s hard to keep sitting still. Of course, with this L82 Black Edition we also find the black checkered foam front and gold accents.

The smallest of the family is the L52 Black Edition. Besides the high-gloss black finish in which David Hasselhoff can comb his hair and gold accents, the L52 has remained technically unchanged. No shame because the L52 is simply a beastly fine speaker and in this Black Edition it looks even more compact, making its energetic sound character even more impressive than its walnut variant’.

JBL L75MS Black Gloss Edition

‘Where we can compare the above Classic models to KITT, which was originally built as a Pontiac Firebird, JBL’s L75MS is a bit of the odd man out… Not a passive speaker where you need 2 of them for stereo, supplemented with separate amplifier and source but a complete stereo music system – including amplifier and music streamer – in one enclosure. Despite the fact, or rather thanks to the fact that the L75MS cannot be called exactly compact it puts down a huge soundstage. It is clear where JBL got its inspiration. Just Google on JBL Paragon and you will immediately understand what we mean. The curved foam front and classic walnut finish make the L75MS clearly part of the Classic family while its features and applications make it the most modern gentleman in the lineup.

So it makes sense that JBL also cast this model in the chic High Gloss Black version. It transforms the L75MS, which can be supplied with music via various streaming services, from visual classic to ultramodern all-rounder. But whether it will also run to you when you call it we doubt it…,” the importer writes.

Limited Edition – available mid-April 2023

The new and limited edition Black Edition models will be available in mid-April 2023. Stock is limited so, unfortunately, gone is really gone. Therefore, Reference Sounds strongly advises you to order in time: ‘The prices are slightly higher than the standard walnut models, but in our opinion the super luxury high gloss finish and local technical improvements are not so bad. All models come exclusively with a black Quadrex foam front’. Recommended retail prices are as follows:

  • JBL Classic L100 Black Edition € 5,998 per set
  • JBL Classic L82 Black Edition € 2,999 per set
  • JBL Classic L52 Black Edition £1,149 per set
  • JBL Classic L75MS Black Edition $ 1,799 each

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