JBL (pre) presents new active speaker


OK, you’ll have to be patient for a while. But sometime this summer, the JBL 4329P active monitor will be available. Old and new go hand in hand here!

‘Actually, the title “Monitor Series” is a bit of a confusing one. Because although JBL’s Monitor models are inspired by those that crossover from studio to living room in the 1970s and beyond, the Monitor models are really perfected for the home. Granted, the looks aren’t for everyone but the sound certainly is. With the JBL 4305P, JBL introduced its first active speaker set. A complete stereo music system including built-in streaming audio amplifiers. Next summer, however, the active JBL 4305P will be joined by an equally active, broad-shouldered colleague for which we would like to prepare you now – the JBL 4329P’, writes importer Reference Sounds.

The P in 4329

P in this case stands for Powered. Active and with built-in amplifier, in other words. ‘But by calling the 4305P and the 4329P only active, we do them a serious disservice. For they are speaker systems with built-in amplification and Hi-Res Streaming Audio technology for wired or wireless music streaming. Together with its analog and digital inputs, the 4329P, like the smaller 4305P, forms a complete hi-fi solution that basically requires only these speakers’, the importer said.


The 4329P opens the world to your favorite music via built-in Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay 2, Bluetooth 5. AptX Adaptive Audio or as a ROON Ready endpoint. Digital music reaches the internal amplifier via the 4329P’s 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution DAC. Simply connect the 4329P to your network and play. You also connect the television or other line-level sources directly to the 4329P.

Rock & Roll Baby!

Reference Sounds: ‘With 300Watts of combined amplifier power, 16 pounds of weight, a footprint of about 32x32cm and height of 52cm per speaker, the 4329P is clearly a size larger than the 05P variant. Behind the grill, the 8-inch JW200-4 Pure Paper Pulp woofer with black cone calls the shots. Together with the 1-inch 2409H compression driver and HDI horn above it for the treble, the 4329P is without a doubt one of the most dynamic active streaming hi-fi systems on the market. In doing so, the playback is always energetic and with a clear message but never sharp and enjoyable from a huge angle. Thus, with the JBL 4329P you can rock and roll all over the room without limitations. Moreover, you don’t need more than this set of speakers and possibly the matching JS80 stands!’.

The JBL 4329P has an expected retail price around €4,000 for the set and the importer hopes to have it available this summer. The optional JS80 stands cost € 229 per set.

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