JBL Stage XD series, for outdoor use too


With temperatures reaching around 20 degrees Celsius even in January, an outdoor speaker like the JBL Stage XD series is an interesting option.

With warmer and warmer winters, it is becoming increasingly interesting to be able to enjoy a good piece of music outside. Even if only for a “winter” barbecue. ‘Naturally, an outdoor speaker must be able to withstand all the elements, but above all it has to sound good. so today we introduce JBL’s answer to the growing demand for compact, high-quality, sleek-looking speakers that feel right at home both in- and outdoors: The JBL Stage XD series IP67 certified speakers’, Reference Sounds announced.

Indoors or outdoors

‘Whoever visited our Experience Center during the JBL days in September has already seen the prototypes, but now they are actually available. The JBL Stage XD-5 and JBL Stage XD-6. Two loudspeaker models that fit perfectly into Custom Install projects or as On-Wall solutions in a living room situation. Indoors or outdoors. In the living room or pool. Literally even because, with its IP67 certification, you can calmly swim a few lengths of water without worrying. Submerged to a maximum depth of 1 meter, the Stage XD can hold its breath for 30 minutes and then happily continue playing. This makes it guaranteed safe for the most extreme climate changes and thus an ideal outdoor partner. Should something unexpectedly break down, it is also repairable’, reads the announcement.

Controllable with modest power

Reference Sounds continues: ‘What the Stage XD series really excels at as far as we are concerned is its sound. The HDI Waveguide around the 25mm Aluminum Dome tweeter sounds super-fresh but not sharp and together with the Polycellulose woofer sets a wide and very energetic soundstage. The Stage XD-5 is the most compact of the bunch and features a 130mm (5.25″) driver for the midrange and bass. In the larger Stage XD-6, these are handled by a 160mm (6.5″) driver, which obviously has more body. The efficiency is relatively friendly so that even with modest amplifier power you can make a lot of music’.

Also for home and terrace

The speakers look modest but tight and can be mounted very flexibly with the included wall bracket. ‘Available in white and black, we can also imagine the Stage XD models very well in hospitality applications, on the terrace or simply at home. Especially given their fine, dynamic sound character, they are much more than outdoor speakers’, the press release regarding the newcomers states.

Recommended retail price of the Stage XD-5 is €599 per set and €749 per set for the Stage XD-6.

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