KEF KC62 Subwoofers in Titanium Grey


KEF introduces the new Titanium Grey color scheme to the KC62 Subwoofer collection, which might make it fit just a little better in some interiors!

In its own words, ‘one step closer to achieving its mission of bringing high-fidelity sound into more homes’, KEF announces a new color scheme for its KC62 Uni-Core Force-Cancelling Subwoofer. In addition to the existing Mineral White and Carbon Black versions, the British audio brand now adds Titanium Grey to the available colors of the award-winning subwoofer: ‘The ultra-compact KC62 is an outstanding example of audio excellence and design innovation. The subwoofer enriches the sound of music or movies, among others, by enabling the listener to enhance the bass, without taking up much space. Available from Jan. 12 in three colors, the KC62 is a showpiece in any interior’.

The manufacturer continues: ‘Deep and strong bass has always been the domain of large subwoofers. However, the aesthetically pleasing KC62 changes that. KEF’s pioneering technologies ensure that the original sound is accurately reproduced, bringing all the impact and emotion of music, film and more into the home’.

Innovative KEF technologies

At the heart of the KC62 are three KEF patent-pending technologies: Uni-Core Technology, P-Flex surround and Smart Distortion Control Technology. ‘The innovative Uni-Core driver technology is a completely new take on traditional power diminishing systems. Its unique design allows KEF to create a subwoofer that brings unprecedented depth and accuracy and yet, with a size the size of a soccer ball, is ultra-compact,’ the manufacturer announced.

We read further in the announcement, ‘The KC62 also features the P-Flex surround,which is also known as Origami surround because of its unique pleat shape. This meticulous design results in deeper bass extension, more detailed bass response and less distortion. Sensorless Smart Distortion Control Technology helps correct any minute deviations, ensuring accurate bass performance. Supported by KEF’s Music Integrity Engine and powerful amplification, the KC62 ensures that the user is fully immersed in a home entertainment experience’.

Design meets substance

The British manufacturer goes on: ‘The KC62 is not only designed to work sonically, but is also a true work of art pure and simple. Made from extruded aluminum, the curved cabinet perfectly combines form and function, ensuring not only powerful sound but also stunning design. The Finishings Carbon Black, Mineral White and the new Titanium Grey make the KC62 exceptionally attractive in any interior, especially when paired with the award winning KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers’.

The KC62 Uni-Core Force-Cancelling Subwoofer in Titanium Grey will be available from Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023. Members with a myKEF account can pre-register at’.

Key features:

  • Twin 6.5-inch Uni-Core driver array with power suppression
  • P-Flex pressure-deflecting surround design for deeper bass extension
  • Smart Distortion Control Technology for a more accurate, less colored bass performance
  • Music Integrity Engine with iBX, SmartLimiter and Room Placement settings
  • 1000W (2 x 500W) RMS Class D amplification
  • Compact sealed aluminum enclosure
  • Exceptionally versatile controls for easy integration with any speaker and any home environment
  • Available in three finishes: Mineral White, Carbon Black and Titanium Grey
  • KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter kit suitable for wireless use

Price: €1,699; Available from January 12, 2023

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