McIntosh MC451 AC monoblock


McIntosh has announced the new hybrid MC451 AC monoblock, specifically designed for bi-amping.

Weighing a whopping 60 pounds, the new McIntosh MC451 AC is specifically designed for speakers that are bi-amping-capable, according to the manufacturer. Internally, you’ll find a tube amplifier with a maximum output of 150 watts, and a transistor output stage with a maximum output of 300 watts. There is also an Autoformer, which allows the tube stage to deliver its power independently of the connected speaker impedance. The tube amplifier – built around four KT-88 tubes – is intended to drive the mid and high frequencies, while the transistors take care of the bass tones. Coming in handy here, is the crossover present in the McIntosh MC451 AC. The block costs €18,490.

CES Innovation Awards 2023 honoree

We’ve highlighted this amplifier before, but its delivery – at least in the US and Canada – began this month. In addition, the newcomer has earned the CES Innovation Awards 2023 honoree designation. Reasons enough to put it in the spotlight yet again then!

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