Naim presents New Classic series


The Naim New Classic Series heralds “A new era in sound quality”, according to Dutch distributor Latham Audio.

NAIM’s New Classic Series consists of three members: The NSC 222 streaming preamplifier; a completely redesigned NAP 250 power amplifier and the NPX 300 power supply upgrade. Each component is completely new and features balanced connections. ‘Designed and built by our specialists in England, the New Classic Series is hand-fabricated and built for eternity. Advanced but easy to operate, these timeless products are built for years of listening pleasure. In addition, we have thought carefully about how to combine New Classic with your existing NAIM equipment,’ the manufacturer explains.

“From designing in our best-ever performance at this level, to added features and flexibility to eco- friendly elements – New Classic products use less that 0,5W in standby – We’ve combined our 50 years of experience with the very latest technology to redefine home hi-fi.”
Steve Sells, Head of Engineering (Hardware) at Naim Audio.

In a nutshell

The three models in detail, in words from the manufacturer:

NSC 222 – streaming preamplifier

Start your NEW CLASSIC musical journey with the NSC 222; a multi-talented streaming preamplifier with easy operation without compromising sound quality. Enjoy exceptional streaming performance from Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, Apple Music, and an almost infinite choice of Internet Radio Stations with support for bitrates up to 32bit/284Khz.

Vinyl enthusiast? The NSC 222 has an integrated MM Phono preamplifier. Fan of headphones? The NSC 222 uses Naim’s very latest headphone technology as already used in the award-winning Uniti Atom Headphone Edition for a sublime solo listening experience. All information about your favorite artist is clearly visible on the large and razor-sharp 5.5″ color screen. Control is easy via the Focal & Naim App, the smart Zigbee remote control on RF and via the NSC 222 itself: The illuminated volume knob makes asking for touch.

NAP 250 – power amplifier

Take the performance of your loudspeakers – and music – to new heights, pair the NSC 222 with its perfect partner: The NAP 250 Power Amplifier. An audio product with legendary status, continuously in production since 1975. Equipped with technology from Naim’s Top-of-the-line Statement Amplifier, this 6th generation gets more power, better performance and more flexible use in various audio systems.

The new NAP 250 is a 100W per channel dual-model design, with full power control. The design can withstand any home party: Cooling fins on both sides and active cooling ensure that the amplifier stays cool under all conditions. Other novelties include balanced XLR connections and a new design to prevent unwanted induction between the speaker outputs.

NPX 300 – power supply

Take your musical experience to the highest level with the NPX 300 power supply: An obvious upgrade for the NSC 222 streaming preamplifier. Disabling the NSC 222’s built-in power supply lowers noise levels and leaves you with more music – in addition, you benefit from superior, clean and precisely regulated power supply.

Retail prices

  • NSC 222 – 7000 Euro incl. VAT
  • NAP 250 – 7000 Euro incl. VAT
  • NPX 300 – 7000 Euro incl. VAT

The first products are expected to be delivered in the 2nd half of January, Latham Audio reports.

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