Pangea Audio presents Premier XL cables

Pangea Audio

American Pangea Audio manufactures its own audio cabling, its new flagship product being the Premier XL cables.

Pangea Audio’s new Premier XL cable series consists of a balanced XLR cable and an RCA-RCA cable. They were designed in collaboration with Jay Victor, one of the big names when it comes to devising analog and digital audio cables. Both new cables feature multiple conductors of different diameters internally, including the use of “Cardas Grade one Copper Conductors” and more. For example, in the XLR interconnect (shown at the top of this article in the screenshot), you’ll find three independently insulated conductors wrapped in a three-layer shield. The whole construction is wrapped in a PE air tube insulation with carbon that should provide what the manufacturer says is additional signal integrity. Available in lengths of 0.6, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters.


The RCA-RCA interconnect is actually built on the same principle, again with those three layers of shielding and PE containing carbon. Like the XLR cable, you will also find gold-plated contact pins. Available in the same sizes as the XLR cable mentioned above.

The price for the Pangea Audio XLR cable goes from $149.95 to $799.95 depending on the length. Pricing for the RCA-RCA cable ranges from $129.95 to $799.95.

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