Roberts presents turntables


England’s Roberts Radio is best known for its range of classic-looking radios, and record players have now joined the brand’s spectrum.

Roberts sees money in the vinyl revival too. And so the British manufacturer, known primarily for its retro-looking radios, now comes out with two turntables: the Stylus and Stylus Luxe (pictured above). Both models are aimed at beginners (or rediscoverers) as far as the time-honored record is concerned. The Stylus is belt driven, with an Audio Technica MM cartridge chosen for reading the surface. A matching MM phono preamplifier is built-in, as is an A/D converter. The latter is very practical, as it allows you to link the player to a computer to digitize old and unique records quickly and easily.

Direct drive

The Stylus Luxe is based on direct drive and a slightly better element in the form of the Audio Technica AT-95E. As for the rest, once again an MM preamp is present in the player itself, as is an ADC. The Roberts Stylus costs €379 and the Stylus Luxe €579. Available from early February, pre-order now.

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