Viertron focuses on need for home automation


Dutch distributor Viertron talks about the need for home automation in its most recent newsletter.

Distributor Viertron has a point regarding this quote from its most recent newsletter: ‘Don’t be a thief of your own energy: Home automation is not a luxury but a necessity. Until a few months ago home automation was a LUXURY, those who can afford it have extra luxury in the form of curtains that open and close automatically or living room lights that can be controlled by voice commands. Currently energy prices are so high that simple automation on anything that guzzles energy in the home will pay for itself within a short time’. Here’s a link to the rest of their argument.


The point is, through a home automation system, energy can indeed be handled very efficiently. The prerequisite for this is that you yourself set the system up optimally. This can be done, for example, by switching off all lights at a specific time. In principle, of course, you do that yourself, but a forgotten lamp in the attic is a waste of electricity. For example, by having all (or at least the more invisible) lamps sent an off command every day, you quickly save costs. Automatically closing or opening curtains can also reduce costs. And so there are numerous other electrical devices that are switchable. By smartly programming them, you can save a lot of money without having to put in a lot of effort. Automatic shutdown of AV equipment (do away with that standby mode) is another option.

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