ELAC with new top models of passive soundbars


Importer/distributor Servi-Q announces the new ELAC SB-VJ41 S (55″) and L (65″) passive soundbars.
Servi-Q: ‘In addition to the Muro soundbars, ELAC now has passive soundbars in its top line Vertex III. These soundbars feature all the technologies that are also used in the well-known traditional more expensive ELAC speakers, such as the ELAC JET ribbon tweeters and woofers with crystal cones.

However, the woofers of these new soundbars feature a new patent-pending surround system. This so-called Hex surround, recognizable by its curved shape, ensures a very linear relationship between the applied force and the displacement in both directions of the cone. This Hex surround technology will also be used in a number of new subwoofers from ELAC in early spring. All information about these soundbars can be found here‘.

Why a passive soundbar?

The importer/distributor further explains: ‘Active soundbars have a mediocre image regarding dialogue and stereo reproduction. In addition, the user has no influence on the quality of the source. With the ELAC passive soundbars the emphasis is on playback quality similar to a classic L+R+Center setup, but in compact form, fitting nicely under the screen. In terms of control, you have the freedom in source selection from home-cinema receiver, processor and amplifier to of course the ELAC 3.1 solution IS-AMP340’.

Price indication:

  • SB-VJ41 (S) € 2,250,-
  • SB-VJ41 (L) € 2.590,-

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