Gold Note PH-1000 LITE phono preamplifier

Gold Note

Gold Note has released the PH-1000 LITE, a direct relative of its big brother PH-1000, both phono preamplifiers.

The Gold Note PH-1000 LITE features three independent inputs: two unbalanced RCA and one balanced XLR. You can choose from 36 equalization curves. To be precise: 18 EQ curves plus extended options. The PH-1000 LITE can handle both stereo and mono LPs. The LITE version – unlike the PH-1000 – does not have the Infinte EQ settings (actually four manually adjustable curves), while it also lacks external load (RCA and XLR plugs), left and right channel swapping and the Class A preamp stage. The Gold Note PH-1000 LITE costs €6500. More information on both the PH-1000 and PH-1000 LITE can be found here.

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