MoFi SourcePoint 10


With the SourcePoint 10 coaxial speaker, MoFi establishes its first product designed by legend Andrew Jones.

The development of the coaxial-driven Mofi SourcePoint 10 spanned a period of 18 months, according to the manufacturer. The driver in it is based on a twin-drive magnet system that -once again according to the manufacturer – should guarantee impressive dynamics and very low distortion. It is a two-way system in a 50-liter box. Its tweeter is built in the center of the bass driver, with a transition frequency of 1.6 kHz. The impedance of the MoFi SourcePoint 10 is 8 ohms, at a sensitivity of 91 dB. Per pair, you’ll have to pay €5000. For an additional €500, they can be delivered with appropriate stands if desired. Separately bought afterwards, those stands cost €800.

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