Network Acoustics Muon Pro streamset

Network Acoustics

Network Acoustics has released the Muon Pro Streaming System, consisting of both an Ethernet filter and network cable.

The finishing touch for a high-end system with networking and streaming capabilities on board, is to take care of the networking side of it all. To serve that purpose, Network Acoustics has released the Muon Pro Streaming System. The kit consists of a pro Ethernet filter and “streaming cable,” originally developed for mastering applications. The set is intended for 1 Gbps networks. According to the manufacturer, the duo should provide a big boost in sound quality, similar to that when you’d upgrade a DAC to a better model. It’s possible to buy the filter and cable separately if you wish, but Network Acoustics recommends the set because it’ll save you 20% down the line. The set – made in UK – has a price tag of £1829.17. The filter separately is available for £1329.17 and the cable costs £995.83.

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