Philips N7808 sleep headphones


TP Vision – which has Philips Audio under its wing, among others – presents the N7808 sleep headphones, for a good night’s sleep.

The new Philips N7808, the first Philips sleep headphones (pictured at the top of this article) in collaboration with sleep scientist Kokoon, offers ‘the perfect answer to the woes of disturbed sleep’, according to TP Vision. The Philips N7808 headphones have excellent noise isolation that works in conjunction with an intelligent noise masking feature. The feature uses specially tuned, slowly introduced white noise to smooth out spikes in external noise that can disrupt sleep. In addition, the new model helps wearers fall asleep more easily through sensors in the earbuds. The audio delivery of the earbuds can be adjusted by the user, automatically fading the audio as one slowly falls asleep’.

All night in the ear

The Philips N7808 is mounted in a slim housing along behind the head, making it ‘easy and comfortable to keep the headphones in the ear all night’, according to TP Vision. ‘Because of this narrow housing and the use of balanced armature drivers, the Philips N7808 has the smallest profile of only 6mm thick, unlike the >20mm housing of most earbuds’, the company explains further.

Kokoon app

The new Philips sleep headphones work with the Kokoon app to improve a wearer’s understanding and management of sleep, which is continuously monitored via accelerometers and a small, optical heart rate monitor in the earpiece. ‘This heart rate monitor works by shining light into the skin and measuring how this light is scattered in the body’s bloodstream. This information can then be used to help users better understand and navigate their sleep’, we read in the announcement.

‘The N7808 has a 10-hour battery life and can also be used to make calls and stream music, including through Apple Music, Audible, Spotify, You Tube, the Calm and Headspace Apps or through the Kokoon App,’ the manufacturer said.

The Philips N7808 will be available starting in fall 2023. For more information, visit

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