Philips Sound with new headphones


Philips Sound launches two new premium Fidelio models and two GO Sports headphones.

TP Vision, licensee of the Philips TV & Sound brands, is introducing new headphone models in both the premium and mid-range segments. The new premium over-ear ANC Philips Fidelio L4 headphones and luxury TWS wireless Fidelio T2 headphones with ANC are the latest flagships this year. In addition, the brand is also expanding its successful GO Sports series with the Philips A5508 and A5608 sets.

Philips Fidelio L4

According to the manufacturer, the L4 headphones (featured at the top of this article) ‘continue the Fidelio philosophy, offering a combination of outstanding audio performance, long battery life, active noise cancellation, and perfect fit and comfort – all with the premium build and finish that Fidelio products are known for.

The Fidelio L4 features a 40mm graphene-coated driver, which provides extra rigidity without added weight. As a result, the driver offers lower distortion, resulting in clear mid- and high-range sound. An energy-efficient multi-point connection is guaranteed by the latest 5.3 version of Bluetooth with Auracast broadcasting and LE audio. Compatibility with LC3 as well as LDAC codecs allows the Fidelio L4 to provide the highest quality wireless audio, with Hi-Res Audio playback also available via the included 3.5mm mini-jack cable or via USB-C’.

Enhanced ANC

‘The Hybrid Adaptive ANC system with four microphones of the Philips Fidelio L4 has also been enhanced by the microphone vent port that moves external sound (feed forward) to the back of the ear cup, where it is less susceptible to wind noise. The sensitivity of the feed forward microphone can also be automatically reduced as wind noise increases. An additional built-in voice recording microphone is designed to remove background noise, assuring the user of crystal clear sound during conversations.

The Fidelio L4 features an upgraded battery that offers as much as 50 hours of playback time, and 40 hours with ANC on. Moreover, just 15 minutes of fast charging provides 5 hours of playback time. ‘Ease of use is guaranteed thanks to leather-clad touch controls with swipe, tap and press actions and voice assistance via Google Assistant compatibility,’ we read further in the announcement.

The Philips Fidelio L4 will be available from fall 2023.

Philips Fidelio T2: the premium ANC earbuds

TP Vision: ‘The new Fidelio T2 earbuds offer the highest quality and full range audio performance thanks to the advanced design with a new, large 9.2 mm graphene coated driver and optimized, small and highly efficiently balanced armature driver. Audio of the highest quality with a reliable connection are guaranteed by the use of 5.3 version of Bluetooth (with Google Fast Pair) with LE audio and the LC3 codec. In addition, the Fidelio T2 also offers the LDAC-coded option for music in the highest resolution quality.

In total, the Philips Fidelio T2 features six microphones, three microphones in each earbud. Of these six microphones, two offer maximum adaptive noise cancellation. Also, the Fidelio T2 has two dedicated voice recording microphones, one per earbud and now using bone conduction technology to reduce wind noise.

The Fidelio T2 is 20% smaller than its predecessor, and the charging case is a whopping 40% smaller. Despite the smaller size, the T2’s battery life remains excellent with nine hours of continuous playback with ANC activated and another 27 hours of playback time available via the charging case. Fully charging the Fidelio T2 takes only two hours, with an additional hour of playback time available after just five minutes of charging.

The Fidelio T2 is splash-proof with an IPX4 rating – perfect for outdoor use’.

The Philips Fidelio T2 will be available from fall 2023.

Expanding the GO Sports collection

Philips Sound is expanding the current GO Sports collection with two new mid-range models. ‘Combining comfort, ruggedness, water resistance and high audio quality, these models are perfect for people with active lifestyles. The Philips A5508 TWS earbuds feature an 8mm graphene-coated driver with low distortion to ensure crystal-clear sound quality. The model also features a hybrid ANC system with built-in wind noise reduction.

The Philips A5608 is the latest open-ear model that uses bone conduction technology, which provides users with added safety by allowing them to hear immediate ambient noise. In addition, the new model also has a built-in LED running light in the band.

The A5508 and A5608 use the latest, ultra-reliable Bluetooth 5.3 with the LC3 codec, for superior sound and energy efficiency, and multi-point connectivity. In addition, the models guarantee high call quality thanks to a dual microphone system with automatic detail adjustment via AI. Both headphones have excellent battery life and fast charging times. The A5508 offers seven hours of playback with ANC, with another 21 hours from the charging case, and an additional hour of playback after just five minutes of fast charging. The A5608 offers six hours of playback time with an additional hour after a 15-minute fast charge. The A5508 and A5608 are ideal for the active outdoors and should both provide long-lasting enjoyment thanks to IPX5 sweat and water resistance,” the manufacturer reports.

The Philips A5508 and A5608 will be available from summer 2023.

For convenience, all the newcomers are listed in the manufacturer’s words:

  • The new Philips Fidelio L4 over-ear and Philips Fidelio T2 TWS ANC headphones both feature graphene-coated drivers to enhance mid- and high-end sound quality.
  • L4 & T2 offer wireless connectivity through Bluetooth 5.3 with Auracast and LE audio, ensuring high performance and a reliable, energy-efficient wireless connection.
  • Both premium headphones feature LC3 and LDAC codecs for wireless performance and SBC and AAC for the widest product compatibility.
  • The Fidelio L4 is 10% lighter than its predecessor. The Fidelio T2 delivers 20% smaller earbuds and a whopping 40% smaller charging case.
  • Successful GO Sports series expands with the launch of the Philips A5508 TWS and Philips A5608, two mid-range open ear bone-conducting models with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and LC3 codec.

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