Record Store Day this year on April 22

Record Store Day

Music lovers can already write down April 22 in their agenda’s: it’s when this year’s well-known Record Store Day will take place.

Record Store Day was created worldwide to put “the record store” in the spotlight. This generates (or at least should do so) an influx of new customers, which – if things go well – results in more repeating visits of those newbees. And that is no luxury in a time when everything is streamed and (or) purchased online. Record Store Day is also always accompanied by special releases that are only available in a physical store on that day. These are usually exclusive releases in limited editions. The chance to score something unique (again) and at the same time expand your physical music collection. Also a very suitable day for fans of vinyl, because it is of course the record store where you will find all new releases in tangible form.

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