The Cost is No Object-Show 2023


The Cost is No Object-Show of our near namesake in Belgian Brasschaat is on the roll again, on February 25 and 26 to be exact.

As always, visitors to Alpha Brasschaat’s The Cost is No Object-Show can look forward to particularly interesting sets waiting for you then. ‘Dear friends, audio loving audience, it is always a great pleasure to invite you to participate in our annual Cost No Object show. Alpha’s first Cost No Object show took place in 1997, we can safely say that it has become an Alpha tradition.

Every year a different set is in “the spotlight.” So again, this time a top set around our new brand Clarisys Audio. These special ribbon speakers have the spirit of Apogee Acoustics, but better! During the show we will play, among others, Clarisys Audio Auditorium, a 230kg each full ribbon loudspeaker,’ we read in the announcement.

The Cost no Object Set consists of the following components:

  • Clarisys Auditorium Planar loudspeakers, 70000 EU pair
  • Accuphase C3900 preamplifier, 32500 EU
  • Accuphase Mono Class a Power Amplifiers, 46000 EU pair
  • Accuphase DP 1000 Sacd /Cd drive, 25200 EU
  • Accuphase DC 1000 Dac, 25200 EU
  • Accuphase C47 Phono preamp, 9950 EU
  • Accuphase T1200 tuner analog/digital, 6150 EU
  • SME 12 A turntable plus van den hul cell
  • Linn Klimax Organik streamer, 42000 EU
  • Cabling Swiss Cable Diamond series
  • Audioquest Niagara 7000 power grid control, 9000 EU
  • SoTm network switch

Second set:

  • Clarisys Studio plus Planar speakers, 34000 EU pair
  • Pass labs XP22 preamplifier, 11900 EU
  • Pass labs XA 60.8 mono end blocks, 18500 EU pair
  • Aurender N10 stream transport, 8390 EU
  • Lampizator Baltic 4 Dac, 6800 EU
  • SME Synergy turntable with Pre, 21900 EU
  • Isotek Titan power grid control, 5495 EU
  • Canor CD 1.1 CD player, 5500 EU
  • Swiss Cable Reference range

‘Basic set’ Compact set:

  • Clarisys Minuet Planar speakers, 26000 EU pair
  • AVM Ovation A 6.2 Master edition, 9990 EU
  • AVM Ovation SA 6.3 Power amplifier, 9990 EU
  • AVM Ovation CD/streamer Dac, 7990 EU
  • JL Audio Fathom F113 v2, 6500 EU Piece
  • Tellurium cabling

Clarisys and Accuphase

Piece by piece exceptional setups that Alpha Brasschaat says you must have heard. Florian Wiegand, co-designer of Clarisys will be present to explain (in English, German and French) as well as – as Alpha writes ‘our highly esteemed Accuphase importer and ambassador Paul Hattink, will participate in the show. As always, no sales pitches, just the glorious music, snacks, drinks and socializing’.

The show will be held – how could it be otherwise – in Brasschaat, Bredabaan 1031, free parking in the immediate vicinity.

let’s have fun together

There will be another show in Brasschaat on Saturday and Sunday, April 1 and 2, continuously from 10 am to 6 pm. You will be welcomed there by Florian, Paul, Chris, Sammy & Alpha team (not us, but undoubtedly interesting!).

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