Velodyne Acoustics with new subwoofer series

Velodyne Acoustics

Velodyne has announced two new subwoofer series, having their world premiere at the already past ISE 2023 in Barcelona.

First, there are the new Velodyne Acoustics Deep Waves. This consists of two active subwoofers, choose between a version with a 10-inch driver and 350 watts RMS or one with 12-inch driver and 400 watts RMS power. Both models are technically inspired by the MicroVee-X Series, according to the manufacturer. Also new is the Velodyne Acoustics VI-Q (see screenshot at the top of this post), this series consists of three models. Choose from 10-, 12- and 15-inch-sized drivers. The front of the cabinet features very rigid 21 layers 50mm thick plywood. You can choose from several power ratings, with the 650 watt RMS version being the max. Through a 25-band equalizer, the sound can be fully tuned to the listening room.


  • Deep Waves 10 inch: 1,699 Euros
  • Deep Waves 12 inch: 1,899 Euro
  • VI-Q 10 inch: 1,799 Euro
  • VI-Q 12 inch: 1,999 Euro
  • VI-Q 15 inch: 2,499 Euro

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