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Alpha Brasschaat E=mc2 show

Alpha Brasschaat E=mc2 show

Coming weekend, April 1 and 2, Alpha Brasschaat presents the E=mc2 show, also known as the “audio with IQ” show.

Belgian store Alpha Brasschaat has a great show lined up for next weekend. We let them announce the event in their own words:

‘With great pleasure we invite you to participate in our “audio with IQ” show. The thing is … to enjoy live music, it is no longer necessary to invite a group of musicians to your home, as was the case at the time of Beethoven & Mozart ..

Thanks to a host of clever people, including Thomas Edison, it is now possible to put on a convincing musical performance in your own living room.
We live in a modern world, where technology allows us to invite just any artist to give a show, any time…! How wonderfull ?

It is therefore fantastic that at this event we present not only the wonderful products that make our lives so much more beautiful, but also the designers and their close assistants !

To begin with… Ladies first: Daniela Manger

Ms. Manger will be delighted to tell and of course demonstrate a lot about the very special MANGER driver. Both the top passive P2 and the active S1 will be discussed. Driving is with a ‘new old’ brand: CANORuit Slowakijje … new in Belgium but already 30 years active, mainly with excellent tube amplification. These are presented by Ivan Bosnovic and Igor Ovad, both active in Slovakia in the production of these gems. Last but not least, Marijn Nederlof who will present the PERLISTEN range where the ST7 will surprise many with its excellent performance and where the price-quality ratio is super!


All this combined with 3 workshops presented by Christian from Isotek, where the meaning of mains filters is fully explained. These workshops are at 11am, 1pm and 3pm each time. {Subscription is recommended, just email us with desired day & time. First come, first serve}

As always, our shows are free and no sales talk.
Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2 from 10 am to 5 pm at Brasschaat at Bredabaan 1031, 2930 Brasschaat.

Free parking next to store.

Chris, Sammy & the Alpha team look forward to seeing you’