Apple Music Classical launches on March 28


On March 28, the Apple Music Classical app will be launched, a great gift for classical music lovers.

According to Apple, the new Apple Music Classical app should make searching for classical works in the world’s largest catalog of classical music quick and simple. In the process – again according to the manufacturer – listening can then be done in the highest sound quality (up to 192 kHz/24 bit lossless), with many classical favorites also available in immersive spatial sound if desired. The service launches March 28, with a catalog of more than 5 million tracks, both new releases and celebrated masterpieces. You can search by composer, work, conductor and catalog number.

Additional information

Extensive and precise metadata makes it clear exactly which work and performer is playing. All kinds of additional information such as biographies of composers, descriptions of most important works and more complete the picture. By the way, the subscription to “Classical” is included in the standard Apple Music subscription, so potentially no extra cost here. Finally, it is striking that (at least for now) there will only be an iPhone version of the app and no iPad version.

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