Daft Punk Random Access Memory with 3d dimension

Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memory will be released in a Dolby Atmos mix to mark its tenth anniversary.

Whether Dolby Atmos is suitable for music, and especially for music that was not originally made for it at all? Oh well, we wisely leave that discussion in the middle. If you happen to be both a fan of Daft Punk and fond of Dolby Atmos, then you are in the right place though. The band’ s Random Access Memory album celebrates its tenth anniversary. And that means a special version to celebrate this anniversary. The special thing about the anniversary edition is that a Dolby Atmos mix was made. The album will be available from May 12. Only the streaming and download versions will add the height-dimension. Fortunately, the regular stereo mixes are also available (again) on a triple LP set and a double CD.

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