EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M 4K USB-camera


EPOS releases the EXPAND Vision 1M, the new 4K USB camera for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Featuring an ultra-sharp wide-angle 4K USB camera, ‘EPOS’ EXPAND Vision 1M is designed for companies looking to easily expand their meeting rooms using video to meet the growing need for hybrid meetings offering professional image quality, the manufacturer says.

Showing your best side

We read on in the announcement, ‘As hybrid working will continue into 2023 and beyond, the importance of image quality during virtual meetings cannot be underestimated. In addition to 4K resolution, the EXPAND Vision 1M features an 8X digital zoom, an integrated electromechanical privacy shutter and intelligent image framing with EPOS AI. This allows the camera to dynamically adjust to the number of participants in the meeting, ensuring that everyone in the room is properly captured. Flexible mounting options make it easy to install. Camera settings and firmware can be managed and updated remotely using the EPOS Manager software’.

Intuitive installation

Epos continues: ‘The EXPAND Vision 1M is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized conference rooms. Thanks to its plug-and-play design, it can be easily integrated into any bring-your-own-device meeting room and into any existing or new meeting room setup that includes a computer case, monitor and speakerphone. Installation of a Kensington lock ensures the camera stays in place’.

Comprehensive video portfolio

This camera is certified and optimized according to the manufacturer ‘for the leading UC providers, so that users can fully enjoy seamless collaboration and focus their attention on the meetings themselves. The EXPAND Vision 1M works with any Android or Windows device’.

“At EPOS, we have greatly expanded our range of video devices since entering the market in 2020,” said Theis Mørk, VP of Product Management. “To get the most out of meetings, we believe video conferencing should be uncomplicated experiences, free of distractions. The EXPAND Vision 1M lives up to that concept by providing professional image quality in existing meeting rooms, allowing customers to take their hybrid meetings to the next level with ease. Together with our EXPAND Vision 3T and EXPAND Vision 5 solutions, the EXPAND Vision 1M now forms a portfolio of video solutions that allows EPOS to meet all needs, budgets and technical skills.”

The EXPAND Vision 1M changes hands for a price of €699.

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