iFi Go Link and UNO DACs


iFi has released the new, portable Go Link USB DAC, together with the also new UNO DAC intended more for stationary use.

Sound quality on the go is starting to become an issue for more and more people. Not least because headphones are getting better and better. The iFi Go Link responds perfectly to this need for better sound. It is designed as a compact dongle, equipped with a 6 cm long twisted pair cable with a USB-C plug attached. Via downloads, other filters can be implemented in the firmware of the Go Link, should you feel the need. Furthermore, the MQA-capable Go Link has its own internal volume control that bypasses that of your smartphone or other paired device. The maximum PCM quality is 32 bit / 384 kHz and support for DSD goes up to DSD256. The price is quite attractive: €59.


The iFi Uno (shown at the top of the screenshot) is a hires DAC and headphone amplifier based on the ESS Sabre ES9219MQ/Q. Equipped with Quad DAC+ and Time Domain Jitter Elimination Technology. Coupled with iFi’s own clock generator, this combo should lead to extremely low distortion and high levels of clarity and “impressive” dynamics, according to the manufacturer. Maximum PCM quality is 32 bit/384 kHz and DSD up to DSD256. MQA is also supported. A nice detail is that the Uno gets its power supply from the connected source. With this, you could also use this DAC on the go, although it seems to us more suitable for (semi)stationary use because of its design. In combination with a notebook or tablet, for example. Also present is a set of RCA line inputs to connect the Uno to an amplifier or active speakers. Special modes for music playback, movies and games makes it a “something for everyone” DAC. And the iFi Uno’s price isn’t too bad either: €79.

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