JBL 4305P and L75MS ROON Ready!


For both the JBL 4305P and the L75MS an update is available that makes them ROOn Ready, which is always a bonus if you are “into” that ecosystem.

Importer Reference Sounds informs us that a firmware update is available for the 4350P and the L75MS. Perform that, and both active speakers will be ROON Ready. ‘With the JBL 4305P Stereo speakers and the L75MS music system, JBL has a pair of insane hi-fi solutions for home use. The JBL 4305P is an active speaker set with built-in streaming audio features while the L75MS includes similar features in one package. With built-in Google Chromecast, Airplay, Spotify and Tidal Connect, wireless music streaming is a breeze. And now JBL is adding full ROON Ready compatibility. Just press the reset button on the back, search for audio devices in ROON and play!’, writes Reference Sounds.

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