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MOON 250i v2 integrated amplifier

MOON 250i v2 integrated amplifier

MOON announced a new version of its best-selling 250i integrated amplifier: the 250i v2.

The new MOON 250i v2 features an upgraded circuit design, new power supply shielding and, for the first time, an MM phono preamp. ‘The 250i is an analog design classic that delivers renowned MOON audio performance and represents excellent value. The new 250i v2 builds on the foundations of the previous award-winning models. The upgraded circuit design enhances sound quality, and the addition of the MM phono preamp increases functionality – for the first time, turntables can now be connected to the 250i, allowing listeners to enjoy natural and accurate vinyl playback’, the manufacturer reports.

Classic chassis

The upgrades are all housed in the classic MOON 250i chassis, which – the manufacturer writes – ‘is built to MOON’s meticulous audio engineering standards. It features easy-to-use and tactile controls and is available in a black or a two-tone black/silver finish. The 250i v2 offers both smooth musical authority and timeless design. It is the gateway to the range and the product to begin a MOON journey’.

Features of the newcomer at a glance:

  • Six line inputs.
  • MM phono preamplifier
  • Headphone output on 1/4″ jack jack on front panel.
  • “Class A” output up to 5 watts for greater efficiency.
  • Precision-tuned patented MOON bipolar
    output transistors for enhanced bass response and accurate
    sound reproduction.
  • Low operating temperature for extremely long life.
    Rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibration

For more information: www.simaudio.com