MQA headphones on the way


The first headphones with the wireless MQA codec on board are on the way, thanks to a collaboration between PSB Speakers, startup Sonical and MQA itself.

SCL6 is MQA’s new Bluetooth codec, which we previously wrote about. Thanks to a collaboration between the inventor of SCL6, startup Sonical and PSB Speakers, the first headphones to support the codec are coming to market. Sonical is developing the computer side for the headphones, called CosmOS. Together with SCL6, this should provide what the ‘consortium’ calls hires sound quality. It remains to be seen, of course, whether that is actually the case. But a new Bluetooth codec that specifically targets headphones and promises to transmit high-resolution sound is an interesting thing to look forward to. The downside is, MQA is known to always keep a firm grip on the reins when it comes to its own technology. In short: we will see!

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