Pro-Ject Debut Pro White Edition


That a turntable really doesn’t always have to be humble black or shiny silver, Pro-Ject proves with the Debut Pro White Edition.

As its name might suggest, the Pro-Ject Debut Pro White Edition is mostly white, very white. The novelty, by the way, is really purely in the color. Underneath the coat of paint, it is “just” a Debut Pro, belt driven and equipped with a 6.8-inch tone arm. And that too has been given a snow-white coating. In short: if you want to add a special musical designish element to your interior, this is a nice option. By the way, Pro-Ject has also released the X8 Special Edition with a metallic finish and delivered with a tuned Ortofon MC element. The Debut Pro White Edition costs €799, while you have to pay €2499 for the X8 Special Edition.

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