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Spin-Clean International vinyl cleaner

Spin-Clean International vinyl cleaner

No vinyl user actually escapes it: occasionally washing records. Spin-Clean proves that this doesn’t need to be a costly affair.

Vinyl has the terrible property of attracting dust particles like a magnet. Eventually every record will start ticking, rustling and (or) creaking unnecessarily. The solution to this problem is cleaning. For example with the Spin Clean International record scrubber, reaching MKII in its latest incarnation. Not a complex electronically controlled device but a rather simple hand-operated system. According to the manufacturer, the record washer is aimed at a younger audience of vinyl lovers. Whereby, the vast majority of record buyers – at least in the US – fall into the 18…34 age group. Many of those young buyers never play at least part of their collection to keep it in virgin condition.

Easy to use

And that’s where this record washer comes in handy; perhaps it will persuade some of the enthusiasts to actually start listening to their acquisitions after all. The unit features easy-to-install rollers for 7, 10 and 12-inch records. Basin and brush complete the set. Numerous improvements have been made over the previous model. The Spin Clean record washer costs $79.99