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Home Hi-Fi Stratton Acoustics presents the Elypsis1512

Stratton Acoustics presents the Elypsis1512

Stratton Acoustics presents the Elypsis1512

Stratton Accoustics has released the Elypsis1512, an extraordinary speaker that revives old times and marries them to modern days.

The Stratton Accoustics Elypsis1512 initially stands out for its appearance. In fact, it is a square bookshelf speaker with the drivers placed in a somewhat less conventional pattern. Furthermore, the British manufacturer bases its designs mainly on speakers from the illustrious 1970s and 1980s. For the Elypsis1512, according to the manufacturer, the JBL 4350, the Tannoy Buckingham and the Urei 815a, among others, were used as inspiration. Needless to say, it is the pluses of that old icon that Stratton Accoustics has implemented in the Elypsis1512, mixed with a dose of contemporary technology. It is a 3-way system with two 380 mm bass drivers, a 300 mm midrange driver and a mechanically decoupled soft dome tweeter with precise waveguide. These are encased in a cabinet with an internal volume of 230 liters.

The frequency range of the Stratton Accoustics Elypsis1512 runs from 45 Hz to 18 kHz, impedance 8 Ohm.