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Home Network NAS Synology develops DSM 7.2

Synology develops DSM 7.2

Synology develops DSM 7.2

Synology is busily tinkering with yet another version of Disk Station Manager (DSM), the OS of this brand’s NASes.

The focus of the currently beta version of Synology DSM 7.2 is on security. This includes full disk encryption, with the added bonus that it works significantly faster than encrypted folders. If you make sure that your NAS is protected with a strong password and preferably also 2-factor authentication, a thief can’t do anything with the data on the internal disks. Not an unpleasant feeling if you store business-critical or privacy-sensitive data on the NAS. Furthermore, you can expect “write once” folders in the new DSM, which prevents accidental deletion of files critical to you or your organization.

No (less) fear of ransomware

Synology has paid attention to ransomware too in this coming update. As of version 7.2, ‘Immutable Snapshots’ are available which, according to the manufacturer, can never be affected by ransomware, always a nice thought. Docker ‘as we know it’ disappears, in its place appears the new app Container Manager. Still a kind of Docker, but this app should be a lot more practical to use. When DSM 7.2 finally appears remains to be seen, Synology usually takes its time to get everything working properly first. You can download a trial version from this page (at the very bottom). But don’t install it on a daily driver system for obvious reasons.