Wharfedale Dovedale classic of stature


The Wharfedale Dovedale is the newest member of the manufacturer’s Heritage Series, modern with an old-fashioned classic look.

The original Wharfedale Dovedale dates back to as early as 1965. Where as the most recent incarnation of the speaker is based on the Dovedale 3, which appeared in 1971. The new version is larger and especially deeper in comparison to the original, opting for new drivers and technology that takes full advantage of the extra cabinet space. The 25 mm tweeter has been given its own little chamber, neatly damped to avoid unwanted rear radiation and resonances. There is also a 13 cm midrange driver and a 25 cm bass driver. The complete speaker is constructed as a three-way system. The boxes feature real wood veneer and are lacquered to a satin finish. You pay £5000 for a pair of speakers alone, or £5500 including matching stands. Noting that the tripod-less version is only available in the UK.

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