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Alpha Audio 3.0 – the new website!

Alpha Audio 3.0 – the new website!
Alpha Audio is all about the readers, the interaction AND the transfer of knowledge. This has been true from day one, and it will never change. To do this successfully, it is sometimes necessary to look critically at the tools you use. And that is what we have done. Welcome to our new website!

In terms of appearance, the new website is not very different. It’s all a bit sleeker and more modern, but those are not the big differences. What has changed most are three things:

  • Everything is bilingual (English/Dutch) and can be switched instantly: it has become one platform.
  • An Alpha Audio Academy has been added. Through this Academy we want to offer complete series / trainings for those who find it interesting. Part of it will be public and part will be for our Patreons.
  • The Alpha Audio Forum is now divided into clear groups. Through these Groups you can get where you want to be much faster and you can share more easily with others. We hope this will stimulate the use of the Forum.

We hope you find the new website an improvement over the previous platform. And of course that you appreciate the additions. In the video below we explain the new features!

See what’s new!