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Aune M1p portable music player

Aune M1p portable music player

Aune has released a new, portable music player equipped with, among other things, an FPGA-supported DAC: the M1p.

If you are looking for a not-too-expensive, versatile music player that can handle just about any audio format then you may be in the right place with Aune’ s new M1p. The device runs on a proprietary operating system that is entirely focused on maximizing sound reproduction. There is also the FPGA-assisted DAC, an in-house development by the manufacturer. Maximum achievable PCM quality of this DAC is 32 bit/768 kHz and DSD up to and including DSD512. Above that, Aune promises extremely low jitter, which should create a natural and transparent soundstage.

With or without Bluetooth

The Aune M1p features three headphone jacks: 3.5mm stereo minijack, symmetrical 4.4mm and 2.5mm. Output power is up to 280 mW at 32 Ohm load. The M1p costs €369; if you spend €30 more, you’ll get a Bluetooth version that can function as both transmitter and receiver.