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Home Streaming Audio Grimm Audio presenteert MU2 op High End

Grimm Audio presenteert MU2 op High End

Grimm Audio presenteert MU2 op High End

At the Munich High End, Grimm Audio is introducing its brand new MU2 music streamer with DAC.

Grimm Audio’s MU2, made world famous at the High End Munich started today, is a music streamer and DAC in one. It is ‘t little brother of the MU1, with the MU2 having the same functionality including integrated Roon Labs Core and End Point. Big difference is, that the MU2 features analog outputs instead of digital. In which, according to Eelco Grimm – creative director of the manufacturer – a pioneering discrete design for the DAC circuit has been used. This makes optimal use of the in-house ‘high precision’ FPGA board plus an ultra low-jitter clock. A relay-based analog volume control is provided after the DAC, meaning that the MU2 can perfectly well serve as the central hub in any classic hi-fi system. The Grimm Audio MU2 will cost – according to the manufacturer – ‘less than €18000’.